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Your new album "Melodies from My Heart" is anointed, soothing the spirit and soul! What a blessing to listen to these beautifully crafted songs. I\ve gladly added this album to the playlist of the Good News From Israel Radio!

Rachely Rahewsky Scapa, founder & producer, Good News From Israel Radio

Sasha and Anya\'s music is really anointed! I work in a guest house in the Galilee at present and we listen to their cds often as we make beds and mop the floors. It always seems to calm everyone down and provide the place with a sense of peace and tranquility. The harmonising and beautiful melodies allow one to worship and work at the same time. There have been numerous comments from guests too about their music. I also know the couple and am both humbled and inspired by them as they are so talented and use all that God has given them to bless Him and others.


Katharine Embling

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