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This ministry began in 1996 by Sasha and Anya Poberejny.
Sasha made Aliyah to Israel from the Ukraine in 1993,
when he also became a believer in Yeshua. He met and
married his wife, Anya, also a believer in Yeshua,
on a trip to the Ukraine in 1996. Since that time,
Sasha and Anya have been serving as worship leaders
in the region of Galilee, where Yeshua did most of His
teaching and performed most of his miracles. It is also in
Galilee that this music ministry is based. It is an
honour and a privilege to spread the message of Yeshua
in the very place He chose to spend most of His life while on earth.
It is a truly inspiring place.

The Lord has gifted Sasha and Anya with musical skills and talents
and a spiritual sensitivity enabling them to produce music
that draws people to the worship of God.
Yeshua has given Sasha the ability to play and arrange music very
skilfully, and to produce some truly superb pieces.
Anya’s love for Yeshua comes through her beautiful,
pure, crystal voice, that becomes a vessel to enable the listener
to become a worshipper, and enter into the presence of God.
She also plays various instruments very skilfully and beautifully.

Galilee Messianic Music Ministry has produced a number of CDs, both instrumental and vocal.
In 2005 they recorded the first instrumental CD, "Peace of God."
This took four years to complete, and has been a blessing to many people to this day.
From 2005-2011 they produced seven more CDs, including worship songs in Hebrew,
Russian and Portuguese, as well as, instrumental music.
Among them is, "To the Heavens", a truly melodious and anointed collection of songs.
In 2012 they completed a delightful CD of children’s songs, sung beautifully
by their 14 year old daughter, Liel. The CD is accompanied by a book, superbly illustrated by Anya.
It is Sasha and Anya’s desire that the music they produce, both instrumental and vocal,
bring glory and honour to Yeshua, and blessings to His people.


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