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Dear Sasha and Anya
Someone put your instrumental CD "Melodies of the Kingom" on my desk last month and I just wanted to thank you and congratulate you.  They are so beautifully  and tastefully done.
I really enjoy them.
Thank you for blessing the body of believers with your music!

In Yeshua,
Ann Hilsden

I have known Sasha and Anya, and their daughter - Liel, for quite a few years now.
Sasha and Anya lead the praise in our Congregation, and their music is so much more than music, it is a real praise and worship to our Lord Yeshua. I get the same feeling when I listen to their CD's - it's not just a fine piece of art or a good quality sound; it truly leads me to praise with all my heart. I am thankful for their loyalty to God in using the gifts He has given them, for the benefit of the Body of Messiah in praise.

Shalom!!! Sasha and Anna, Your music lifts my spirit and my heart literally soars in the heaven\\\\\\\'s. Everyone I share it with feels the same way. What a beautiful gift you have. Thanks for working hard to get it out to all of us. By the way, I first saw you both on Zola Levitt\\\\\\\'s program. Peace and love shine through you both. May the L-rd bless you with the desires of your heart. Your sister in Jeshua, Deborah
Praise God for your anointing music! Its the first actually anoited music I have ever heard, my granddaughters love it, too. Thank you...keep going strong!

What a blessing to listen to your music! What a privilege to be able to worship the Lord together with you!
Since the very beginning of my web-radio HadaSHOT mi-IsraEL (News From Israel) in March 2006, your music filled my heart and the heart of the listeners.
You were among the first ones to send your work to the radio.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Rachel Rachewsky Scapa,

I first heard your music along with the story of Ruth. I loved it and ordered immediately. Since that time I have come to understand the power of Praise and Worship as a tool in my personal spiritual battles. I learned how King David drove out the spirits of depression by playing music with Saul. I learned the importance of the praise and worship used before battles to dismantle the demons driving the enemies of God. When we remodeled a house, we learned of the prior evil activities in the house, so we put a CD player in the house and set up "To the Heavens" to play and loop for several days, all day and night, then went in to anoint the new home for the Lord. Recently, I picked up my 12 year old granddaughter from school. Her father left her mother and it broke the little girl's heart. They used to sing together but I haven't heard her sing in a long time. I had the CD playing in my car and she was trying to sing to it. I explained the Hebrew words and told her which ones were 'Lord' and 'Jesus.' She continued to hum the song and smiled when she heard the words she recognized. The Lord laid it on my heart to draw her out of her hurt with music she could learn, and sing again like she used to do. I'm ordering a copy for her so that she can sing and let the praises heal her heart. Thank you again for such wonderful and powerful music.  


Dear Sasha and Anya

Your latest CD, To The Heavens, seems to convey more than ever your fervent zeal and the anointing
of the Holy Spirit on your lives to worshipThe Lord in the beauty of holiness (Psalm 96).
I thought that your previous CD (On the Wings of God's Love)was powerful enough, but this one goes
even beyond and seems to usher the worshiper right into the heavenly courts.
The beautiful alternations between Sasha, Anya, Liel and Tais brings to mind the worshipers before
the throne (Isa. 6; Rev. 4). One of the greatest aspects of moving to Karmiel is to serve with you in worship;
you are an inspiration for me to grow deeper and higher in the Lord and to seek Him in awe and holiness
more than ever before.

Miriam Givoni

Sasha and Anya\'s music is really anointed! I work in a guest house in the Galilee at present and we listen to their cds often as we make beds and mop the floors. It always seems to calm everyone down and provide the place with a sense of peace and tranquility. The harmonising and beautiful melodies allow one to worship and work at the same time. There have been numerous comments from guests too about their music. I also know the couple and am both humbled and inspired by them as they are so talented and use all that God has given them to bless Him and others.

Katharine Embling

The Scriptures say that we are to try to find out what is pleasing to the Lord. One of the things that pleases Him is by following His will to speak to one other in Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. I highly recommend the music of Sasha, Anya and Liel as a Spirit filled tool that not only pleases God, but also is useful in accomplishing His will by filling our hearts with the Spirit's words, which can then be spoken to others. These Messianic CD's are quite possibly the greatest undiscovered discovery of our time. Thank you.

Jason K

The musical accompaniments are beautiful, the guitar, flute, etc. superb and complement so tenderly the beautiful, pure, crystal clear voices! I play "On the Wings" and "To the Heavens" each morning, while it's still dark and it makes the entire house so peaceful and serene. The perfect setting to immerse myself in His Word. I have just added "The Father's Love" and can't wait to add that to the morning repertoire. Thank you for sharing your talent and gift with me. God's richest blessings to you and yours, I pray for the peace of Israel, In Him,

Lynne Fritschi

I love your music. I am a growing Pentecostal Christian, as I am growing, I am more sensitive to music with the anointing of Holy Spirit.
I knew your music two years ago, loved. And Yesterday, I was moved to find your song 'All my days are yours'. I don't understand Hebrew, learned a couple of hours before. The youtube video is very prophetic with the song. I was pictured in the day of New Heaven and Earth with Jesus' people as his bridle. And I could not stop crying in the Spirit when hearing it, and the Holy Spirit was just pouring richly.
God bless your ministry.

Sherman Zhou


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