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This album is dedicated to everyone, young or old, who would come like a child to the kingdom of heaven (Matt. 18:3). Through the illustrations of Anya, the still childlike voice of Liel, and Sasha's arrangements, we endeavoured to convey an air of childhood innocence and simplicity. Our hope is that this will draw you towards a closer relationship with the Creator, our Heavenly Father.  “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matt. 5:8).

The CD album and  picture book  " The Works Of Your Hands" is the new artistic fruit of Sasha and Ania from Carmiel. This project is geared towards small children and their parents. The songs are telling the story of discovery, trials and victories in the life of children seeking to get closer to God.
The songs are accompanied with beautifull unique drawings that convey a sense of peace and optimism. The music arrangements and the melodies are again well crafted and  generate an atmosphere of  harmony, beauty, joy and deep worship toward the creator.
I warmly recommend this new album/ book to every family young and old.
Tony Sperandeo

Through childhood and day-to-day experiences Anya wonderfully tells of a mighty Creator and Redeemer, Who is also an ever faithful, loving and close friend. The songs instil an awareness of our Heavenly Father's loving presence and encourage us to maintain a deep and close relationship with Him in every aspect of our lives. Well suited to group singing, the songs make a rich, refreshing and splendid addition to the treasury of Hebrew Messianic songs for children. My warmest recommendations!

Miriam Givoni

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