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We would like to express our great and joyful thanks to the Lord Yeshua our Messiah for the "help of His presence" (Psalm 42:5 v.6 in Hebrew) in the production of this album.
All who believe in the LORD can enjoy His presence in praise and
worship, and join the great heavenly throng singing and worshipping
before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
We pray that as you listen to the songs, the LORD will set His
name as a seal upon your heart (SoS 8:6), and that you will sense in your spirit the fragrance of His kingdom and that the fire of His love will so revive your heart, that it will be filled with a passion for Yeshua and for the nearness of His presence.
To all those who have helped in the production of this album , -please
accept our heartfelt gratitude.
In the love of Yeshua the Messiah.

I love your music. I am a growing Pentecostal Christian, as I am growing, I am more sensitive to music with the anointing of Holy Spirit.
I knew your music two years ago, loved. And Yesterday, I was moved to find your song 'All my days are yours'. I don't understand Hebrew, learned a couple of hours before. The youtube video is very prophetic with the song. I was pictured in the day of New Heaven and Earth with Jesus' people as his bridle. And I could not stop crying in the Spirit when hearing it, and the Holy Spirit was just pouring richly.
God bless your ministry.

Sherman Zhou

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